What can you

come to me with?

What you can expect at the session

During the session, I try to approach each client individually, according to how I perceive their specific needs and what common goals we set together. The client holds the helm, by constantly checking with each other in which direction we are moving and how satisfied the client is with it.

During the session, I use a combination of several intervention approaches acquired in various educations, and trainings, whether they are counseling, stabilization, relaxation, body-vegetative, therapeutic or coaching techniques.

If it results from the session, I also use educational interventions, when I offer the client useful facts about the functioning of the psyche, communication, emotions, relational dynamics, psychophysiology and human development with the aim of gaining a good understanding of the reasons why we behave and feel the way we behave and feel.

I sincerely believe that every one of our reactions and every one of our feelings is legitimate information coming from within, and only by accepting and understanding it can we work together on further personal development.

What I can help you with

Mental health topics

Information and education about specific psychological conditions and processes

Coping skills

Understanding and acceptance of self

Integration of past injuries and traumas

Setting boundaries and needs regarding mental health

Exploring and discovering one’s own identity

Working with emotions

Integrating emotions

Understanding and regulating stress

Renewal and creation of internal resources

Understanding and regulation of emotional processes

Emotional competence for relationships

Work with unpleasant, limiting experiences

Work with sadness, passivity and depression

Relationships, partnership, parenting

Divorce, breakup of a relationship

Relationship traumas, and dating injuries

Processing of losses and rejections

Loneliness, fear of commitment

Learning new social skills

Improving communication skills

Raising a child, relationship with children

Forgiveness and acceptance of own relationship failures

Sibling and friendship relationships

Jealousy and outbursts of anger

Relationships with parents in adulthood

Behavior – behavioral topics

Training of new social skills

Critical and moral reasoning

Self-reflection and conscious decisions

Impulse control and anger management


Reintegration into relationships and society after serving the sentence


Mindfulness training


Understanding own needs

Relaxation and relaxation exercises

An accepting relationship to one’s own body and its processes

Building respect for oneself and the environment

Themes of work and self-realization

Mapping talents and abilities

Mapping limits and obstacles in self-realization

Awareness of career needs

Career coaching

Coaching and education for management and leaders

Creating mutually beneficial agreements at work